Monday, 6 August 2007

Status Report

I've found that my recent trading has got much better. I am using a combination of graphs and the ladder trading interface in Bet Trader Pro. I switch to the grid view and check on the graph of the favourite and 2nd favourite and look at the prices of all the runners and using this I get a good idea about the price movement. I back or lay and decide where I will get out if the market moves against me. I then monitor the price and keep checking back to the graphs to see if the situation looks like it has changed. This has worked quite well so far. The only loss I had was due to Bet Trader Pro crashing before I closed a trade. It could have just been one of those things, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. I have noticed that this version of the software can freeze every so often if you change between grid and ladder interface regularly (which I do). It's either a teething problem of the new version or its down to my machine. I don't know.

I havn't had much time with Bet Angel Pro yet, as I'm just getting used to Bet Trader Pro, but I will get onto it.

As far as developing my own charting application, I have found a graphing component that does what I need and just need a bit of time to do some development work.

If you have read my special report (available from How to Stop Losing), then you will know I am putting a DVD together. All is moving forward there. We're busy getting the script together and everything is moving forward nicely.


Talkbet said...

There are currently ongoing probs with the BF API causing some freezing probs so this may be related ?

Richard said...

It's possible. It just seems strange that the crashes only happened after doing a specific set of things, i.e. going to grid view, opening a graph and then switching back to the ladder. I do quite like Bet Trader Pro though, so I'm hoping the issue is related to the BF API or something similar.