Thursday, 23 August 2007

"How to easily build your own Betfair bot or trading software"

Yay! I've completed it! After a lot of researching, trial and error and banging my head against an uncompliant computer screen, I've done it. I've worked out how to create a Betfair bot or bit of trading software, for free. I've recorded all of this, so you don't have to go through the hair ripping frustration and annoyance I've been through. I've got it all down in an eBook. It's called, "How to easily build your own Betfair bot or trading software"
By the end, if you follow along, you will have:
  • Your own easily modifyable spreadsheet that loads prices from Betfair.

  • An extendible, .NET based (just like the pros) trading application

You can take these starting points and turn them into whatever it is you want.

In the eBook, I explain:
  • What a bot is and what you'll need to get one working

  • How to get odds and volumes from betfair easily

  • Building on top of Excel, or in .NET

  • Writing a .NET trading application

I explain some of the trickier parts of using the free API (not forgetting, what an API is and why we'd want to use it), including (for the more technical) how to use (with example code) GetMarketPricesCompressed

So, if you're technically mind, you'll be happy, but what if all that stuff is gobbledy-gook to you? Well, I also explain how to find someone else to do the work for you, at bargain basement prices. There are a lot of great programmers out there, with rock bottom prices, if you know where to look. I tell you just that, in my eBook.

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Anonymous said...


The ebook is excellent, and very interesting, however, are you planning (or do you have) an ebook that has the same info and sample code but in Visual instead of C#

This would be very usefull to a lot of people who are just starting out on .NET transition from earlier visual basic versions.