Friday, 3 August 2007

"How to Stop Losing" - FREE Report

A while ago I spoke about putting together a special report, about some of the psychological factors that can cause an otherwise skilled trader to end up on a losing. Well, I've done a first cut of it and it can be downloaded here:


Anonymous said...

very, very interesting richard. thankyou for spending the time to put this on your blog. sums me up to a tee !! after experiencing some success trading/scalping i always end up blowing my bank,then more worringly repeat the same cycle!! i liken it, to the red mist descending and i lose control of my state of mind. i guess this is my unconscious mind taking over and it tries to take the pain of a losing trade away, by making me place another bet {gamble] to get my losses back and return my state of mind back to a joyful one. of course if we keep repeating this process eventually the bet [gamble] will result in us losing all of our bank. keep up the good work !! cheers stan.

Richard said...

Thanks for the comment Stan.
By the way, I've followed your advice and got hold of a demo of Bet Angel Pro. I'll be giving it a try and post up a review. Any features to look out for, etc?

Anonymous said...

richard, i would sign up to the bet angel newsletter. peter webb writes it and he often parts with some good info. this month he writes about the market margin feature on bet angel.this is good for two runner markets like tennis, it fires 2 trades into the market after you have set it up for a 5 or 10 % margin profit. cheers stan.