Friday, 31 August 2007

Football is different

My last few posts seemed to have mainly been links to useful web sites. Well, not wanting to disappoint(!), here is another one. I found it useful for finding out quickly when football matches are kicking off and what the scores are. It updates itself every few minutes and although not something to rely on, I found it helpful. Go to

I did a few trades on the match between Blackburn and MyPa. I started off pretty well, but ended just a couple of quid up, was lucky not to lose anything, as I didn't think it through beforehand. I was in the under/over 2.5 goal markets. I learnt a fair bit with this game. I've been trying to treat football markets similarly to how I have been treating horse racing, because that's been all I've known, but they are worlds apart. The horse racing markets all get lively around 10 minutes before the off until a couple of minutes before, when they go a bit crazy. The football markets are not that lively before the off and then you are in the world of in-play betting. In-play on the horses seemed to jump all over the place and was not a very safe place to be. The football in-play teases you with obvious trends to scalp but there is always the risk of a goal happening and making the price jump like crazy. You can go in technically, i.e. just using the numbers, scalping a chunk of ticks at a time, as the price follows a steadily developing trend, but the market gives and it takes away. You could be lucky and get a nice group of trades done and be able to green up, then again, a goal could be scored and you have an open trade and be looking at a loss. I've come to the conclusion that to play football in-play, you need to look at the fundamentals first, i.e. to get an idea of how the game may pan out and have a plan of what you will do from the start.


Anonymous said...

So you clearly can't take any sort of criticism. What a loser. Maybe you'll post the fact that livescore start their clock at published kick off times and not when the match actually kicks off! Oh!You never checked that, right?!

Richard said...

I think I take critism as good or as bad as the next man (sometimes good, sometimes bad, depending on how its put). Not sure what specific critism you're referring to though.

On the subject of Livescore (or any other site I post up), I post up sites that I find and think are useful. I'm pretty new to football, so if I've missed something or made a mistake, cool for letting me know. If you know a better site or sites, please tell me and I'll share that info.