Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Feels like being back at square one

I feel like a beginner again! I'm trying to trade on football, as I am usually not around in time to catch the horse racing at the moment. I keep making school boy level errors and it is costing me money. Last night, I set up some lays prior to kick off and then found that there was no in-play betting on that match! What a fool! Lesson painfully learnt. Can't believe I'm publicly admitting my stupidity!

On a more positive note, here is a website/forum that has a lot of useful betting/trading threads/comments/info,


Anonymous said...

Hi, disregarding if a game is 'in-play' or not,we're better to put up our prices days beforehand, to increase our chanco of bets acceptance & close out, if it swings our way.
If listed on the 'in-play coupon, we still can't always 'get out of jail' or capitolise, if a lower league game with poor liquidity.

Richard said...

I was laying the under 2.5 goals, with the thought that the game would get an early goal in and kick the price up. Sadly I didnt get to trade out.
Very valid what you say about low liquidity matches, as my experience with low liquidity in other markets has taught me.