Sunday, 10 June 2007


After spending most of today in bed feeling ill, I managed to crawl out of bed around 2pm, after my girlfriend and the kids had gone to a birthday party. I fired up my laptop and opened up Bet Angel Basic (which I use for graphs and for the status of unmatched bets) and bet fair direct, which I use for watching the numbers and making backs/lays. I plan to get a more pro software set up, or at least trial some of the offerings out there and will post up my results.

So, with the other days losses in mind, I went in with the following strategy:

1) If a trade turns against me, get out fast

2) Make my first trade as 4 units, e.g. £20 = £5x4, then do a spread of the counter trades, e.g. if I lay at 3.0 with £20 then I might back 3.1=£10, 3.2=£5, 3.3=£5. Not sure if this is ideal, but I'm experimenting

3) Watch the market carefully, notice the rhythm as it oscillates around the various points and make sure the momentum is the correct way. If not, then get out.

This worked for me today. I carried on today with my reduced back and used either a £20 or £10 stake for my first part of a trade (mainly £10 if there was not too much of a trend, but £20 if it was more obvious).

I ended up with £7.37 in profit. Not an amazing amount, but using a bank of £56.01, it's more than a 13% profit. So I can't really complain at this point.

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