Thursday, 14 June 2007


I didn't do any trading last night, as my fiance Sam and I were out to dinner with an old friend of hers. I'm feeling somewhat worse for wear today. That last extra drink seemed such a good idea at the time. We got home, relieved our baby sitter (Sam's mum!) and then effectively passed out on the bed. i woke up at 5am still fully clothed. Oh dear.

Anyway, I have been looking around for some graphic components as i hope to put together my own graphing application, to show prices and volumes with price bands (bollinger bands) from Bet Fair data, using the BetFair API (free version). Not sure when I'll get time to work on this, as I am splitting any free time between: spending time with the kids, wedding related planning, trading, reading (mainly about trading, etc), eating and sleeping.

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