Thursday, 7 June 2007

First Post


My names Richard. I've got a number of diverse interests and one of those is trading on the bet exchanges. Just to give an idea of what I mean by diverse, I have worked in IT for a number of years (For those in the know or who like IT acronyms: SQL Server, .NET, AS, SSIS, XML, etc), I am an avid screenwriter and involved in putting together a short film ( and am also a hypnotist and NLP master practitioner.
So, basically, I am a bit strange!

The hardest part of my life is trying to find time to do anything! I am in the process of getting married (2 weeks to go) and my finance and I have two kids (Rebecca who is 8 and little Harry who is 2).

The purpose of this blog is to document my progress Bet Exchange trading, starting with a tiny bank of £100 and aiming for a chunky £100K (nice if you've got it). I plan to discuss any ideas, strategies and learnings and feedback on any developments I make in terms of software etc. I'm aiming to put together my own bit of trading software using the Betfair API, so if anyones interested, I can share details of that.

Oh yeah, I intend to focus solely on Horse racing as the market for my trading. I'm not particularly interested in horse racing per se, but it seems to be an idea to focus on a specific market and there are a lot of races every day.

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