Friday, 8 June 2007

UK v US evening racing

So far, because of the day job, the only time I get to trade is during week day evenings. This and my chosen market to trade in (horse racing), makes life a bit tricky. As summer approaches, UK racing is running into the evenings. This is great, in my book, as there is a lot of money floating around and so lots of liquidity, where a bet/lay of £20 will be gobbled up pretty sharpish. otherwise I am trying to back/lay the US races, which seem to be pretty dead until less than 10 minutes to the off (usually not till 5 minutes). Probably due to being a bit of a newbie, I find the time pressure a bit strong, in terms of getting a trade closed in that amount of time. Also, the US horse racing market has surprised me a couple of times by suspending sooner than I had expected, which doesn't help my poor nerves.

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