Thursday, 6 September 2007

Night Horses

Hooray! Some late horse racing tonight, so I actually got to trade on horses. There were two races that I saw on the coupon running after 8pm. I was mainly scalping on them both. The first one, I started about 15 minutes to the off, as money was flowing in. I basically waited till there were two opposing chunks of money on the back and lay sides and estimated the rate at which they were being matched and still being topped up, then I added my money to the side that looked to be matched first but not by a long time. I made several trades before the price direction changed and I had to scratch trade. I partially greened up at the end. I guess greed was still getting the better of me, but at least I hedged. I did this on both races. A good job really, as I won one and lost one, but came out in profit.

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