Sunday, 2 September 2007

Greedy boy gets nothing

Well, I got a few horse racing trades in but the trades that have hacked me off, mainly due to not learning the lesson of not being too greedy is one of the football matches I traded on. I traded on Almeria v Valencia. I checked out the stats and saw that they had no score when they last met and expected the under 2.5 goals to drop in price, so I backed it early, then layed it after 10 or so minutes. I then attempted to scalp some ticks, laying first, in case a goal was scored. Whilst doing that, a goal was scored. The market suspended and when it re-opened the prices had shot up and I was able to close the trade out for a nice profit. This is where I then got greedy. I thought the game would continue and end up at 1 - 0 or 1 - 1 maximum, so I left my "free bet" as it were, and moved on. The game ended 2 - 1, so I got nothing. I could have greened up and come out nicely. Nope. I was greedy. Hopefully, I have finally learnt that one. It's a funny old game.

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