Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Money down the toilet (but only £2)

I got back from work late today, as I had a lot on, which meant that I missed all the horse racing and the majority of the football. On football, I like to be there from the beginning, but no chance here, I only had the closing minutes, so I didn't bother. I wish I had had a go now, as I got a bit annoyed that there was nothing for me to trade on and had a root through the Grey hounds (nothing) and the US Horse Racing market, where I put a back on for a couple of quid. I used low stakes, just in case the market closed on me before the clock had ticked down, like it did before. Yep, before my lay was matched (illiquid market) and still with 3 minutes left on the clock, the market suspended. Another couple of quid down the toilet. A bit silly, but I just wanted to put a trade on, I didn't really care if I didn't close it. Perhaps I'm working too hard!

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