Thursday, 27 September 2007

Losing days

I'm going on about the book, "High Probability Trading" again, so if you don't like it, turn away now!

I keep finding bits in the book that really resonate with me. Today I found a bit about handling losing days. The book talks about how people have a plan for winning days, e.g. making £X a day but have no plan for losing days. The problem comes along when you hit a losing day and then end up chasing losses and over trading trying to hit your daily plan. Link suggests: "...when trying to figure out how much they will make at years end, they kind of forget to calculate any losing days. They assume they can consistently make the same amount every day and totally ignore the losing days. The reality is that they will probably have about the same number of losing days or more as winning days, and the losing days can tend to be worse than the good days".

He continues, "If you are going to have goals for winning days then you should also have goals for losing days and they should be less than you hope to make on a winning day. If $400 is your goal on the upside, you should have a goal of not losing more than, say, $300 on a bad day"

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