Thursday, 26 July 2007

More thoughts on Bet Trader Pro software

I've been using Bet Trader Pro some more. I must admit, now I'm getting used to using a different interface, it is proving itself to be better than what I was previously using (initially Bet Angel Basic, the Betfair Direct and the Bet IE). With Bet Trader Pro you get to see all the prices across all the runners on one screen and using the ladder interface makes place trades on easily. The best bit is the speed that it fetches and displays the prices. You can see when the price is going to move, as it flickers between the one above or below. I havn't used many of the trading tools but I didn't initially like the way they were set up and have left looking at them till later. So far it is well worth the try. I am currently using the free trial minutes but would have to consider whether the current fee is good enough value. I'll see how I go.


Anonymous said...

richard, i have used both bet trader pro and bet angel pro and i prefer using the grid interface with the graphs, that you get with bet angel pro.i think you can get a free trial of bet angel pro aswell so its worth a look. stan

Richard said...

Thanks for that, Stan. I'll go and check out Bet Angel Pro again.

Anonymous said...
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