Tuesday, 24 July 2007


An off topic post but one that people might find interesting and/or useful.

Did you know that a monitor uses more power when displaying white than when displaying black? In January 2007 a blog post titled Black Google Would Save 750 Megawatt-hours a Year proposed the theory that a black version of the Google search engine would save a fair bit of energy due to the popularity of the search engine. That is where Blackle comes in. It is a version of the google search engine but in black rather than white. It also keeps a running tally of how much energy has been saved by using it opposed to the normal google front page. So, if you are carbon conscious and want to save some energy, give Blackle a try.
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man said...

I prefer using www.Darkoogle.com as their text are green which reduce eye strain. So instead of saving energy from our monitor, it also save our user's eye energy.