Saturday, 10 November 2007


Wife, girlfriend, partner-in-crime, other-half, spouse, husband, boyfriend, whatever you call them, they have a big impact on our lives. I was thinking about this the other day and wondered what your other halves thought about your trading activities? Are they supportive, encouraging, uninterested or downright anti-trading? For myself, my wife kind of treats it like it is my little hobby to be tolerated, like stamp collecting or something. It's okay, unless it looks like it will interfere with something "important"! A bit less than ideal from my point of view, but I just get on with it.

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STST said...

My other half always gives me the same great advice everyday...

"Don't you lose any money"

If you follow that, you can't go wrong!! I've tried telling her it's a risk you take but apparently that hasn't sunk in just yet!

All the best