Thursday, 15 November 2007

My eBook is ready for release, yay!

Well, I've finally finished the last set of changes to my eBook about building your own betting/trading software/bot. I plan to keep adding more examples and expanding it further, but for now, I'll release what I have. So far, I have added 9 new different examples, showing how to do the following.
  1. Log on to your account using the Betfair free API
  2. Getting a list of events
  3. Getting a list of markets and runners
  4. Displaying market prices in a "ladder" style.
  5. Matched price and Bollinger band graphs
  6. Volume graphs

  7. Weight of money graphs
  8. Placing a bet
  9. Placing a below minimum stake bet, updating bets, cancelling bets.

At the top of this post, there is a screen shot.

Is this a blatant ad? Yeah, I suppose so, but I'm really excited that I've got this far. It's been hard to find time to work on this and seems to have taken me bloody ages.

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