Tuesday, 16 October 2007

New Blogs

There are a couple more new bloggers on the scene, giving their own view of trading. I've had a read through and will be going back again, so please have a look and give them some support.

JP's Betting Blog
The first one is called "JP's Betting Blog". JP has set himself the target of taking £6,000 and turning it into £25,000 by the end of next year. He is using a combination of tipping services and his own personal views when gambing, but he is also trading the favourites in the last few minutes before the off.

Don't give up your day job
The owner of this blog has given up his day job and is trying to make his money from trading. He also favours the horses and has had a bit of a run in from playing with football (a familiar situation).


Anonymous said...

Hi Richard, thanks for the comment on my blog http://dontgiveupyourjob.blogspot.com

Don't forget that when trading you are unlikely to be successful to begin with and perserverance is needed - so maybe don't give up on the football yet!

I shall continue to look in for your new updates.

Best of Luck

JP said...

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the link and the good wishes. I have a added a link to you on my blog.

All the best