Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Example Graphing from Betfair data

As part of the rewrite of my eBook about building Betfair bots and using the free Betfair API, I have been creating some simple examples. One of those is a graphing example. I thought I'd post it up as a download in case anyone wants to play with it. It is somewhat raw and buggy but it was only written as an example to show how to use parts of the API. If you want to have a look, please go to: DOWNLOAD HERE and click on the "install" button. It is a windows application and when run will ask for username and password. These are your Betfair user ID and password and are used to connect to Betfair using the free API. Once you have logged on, you are shown the main window. On the left is a tree view you use to select a market and an event. Open the treeview until you find the event you want. When you have chosen through to the lowest level, a drop down list will appear at the top of the right hand pane. Use this to select a runner. As soon as a runner is picked, the simple ladder and graph will update price info every second. At the bottom of the window are some check boxes. These let you turn on or off the various graph lines. The available ones are back1-3 and lay1-3 which relate to the unmatched back and lay prices, next to that are back band and lay band. These are bollinger bands, currently set to use a 20 second moving average of matched prices. Finally there is a checkbox for matched price and moving average matched price. Next to the moving average is a box that you can enter the number of seconds the moving average is over. I hope that all made sense.

Just to repeat, this little application is not a finished, solid application, so don't be surprised if it does something funny every so often or crashes, etc.

If you want to make the graph fill more of the window, click the "hide ladder" check box. You can zoom in onto an area of the graph by holding the left button and dragging the mouse over it.

Have fun.


Anonymous said...

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I shall put a link on my blog to yours if you would like? Leave a comment on mine to let me know if you would like me to?


JP said...

Been reading your blog for a while, very interesting read. Just started my own. Would appreciate a link from your blog and I will of course do the same.

cleverwetten said...


I just wanted to test your graphic programm
But there was no way that i get the software to install ready. May you can help me?
I was further a financial trader and am now a horse trader. Since this days i am searching for a software, which can display candlesticks, maybe point and Figure and Renko
But i found it nowhere
I hope you can help me

Best regards

Richard said...

Hi cleverwetten,

The graphing program is just an example of using some graphs against betfair data, it is not a fully fledged graphing program. It is an example that I have put into my ebook about using the betfair api. The graphing component i use does support candlesticks though, so I could try and put together an example of using them if I get chance. What would you want the different elements of the candlestick to be? matched price, highest back and highest lay?